About AMI


Applied Microfinance Institute has been designed to meet the demand for field oriented practical trainings in India . More often than not, there is a large disconnect between trainings and the requirement of the field. AMI seeks to bridge this gap and is based largely on well researched and tested toolkits from MicroSave.

In addition, seeks to update participants on the issues of topical interest to the microfinance industry. Thus, alongside the intense technical sessions, every day will feature discussions amongst panelists representing key personalities in the microfinance industry. In the evening plenary sessions participants will be exposed to current practices in microfinance and lessons from the field.

AMI is the first offering of its kind in India and is modeled on the lines of similar offerings in US and Africa . It will equip 50 participants from India with practical field oriented skills drawing eminent faculty like Graham A. N,. Wright, Ruth Ducek Mebeba, Jayshree Vyas, David Cracknell, Shahnaz Ahmad and Manoj Sharma. Plenary sessions will witness eminent personalities like Brij Mohan, Vijaylaxmi Das, Sitaram Rao, K C Ranjani, Sudha Kothari, Brahamanand Hegde and many others.

Why AMI ?

The Applied Microfinance Institute (AMI ) focuses on developing practical skills that can be immediately applied by participants. Using the MicroSave toolkits as the core curriculum, AMI provides you the opportunity to develop and internalise applicable and actionable skills that can make a significant difference to you and your institution.

Currently, senior and mid-level microfinance managers and consultants in India must travel to Europe or the United States to obtain quality analytical training in strategic and core operational areas of microfinance management while interacting with their peers. Even then, most of these programmes (and many training programmes available in India ) provide high-level, generic discussion rather than focused, practice-oriented training designed to build skills.

The cost of participation in these Europe or United States-based programmes severely limits the number of Indians that can take advantage of them. AMI offers a world-class training programme in India, to allow microfinance managers and consultants to develop the perspective, and above all practical skills, necessary to improve and expand the microfinance services that their institutions offer.

Further Details


AMI is held once a year for a concentrated two-week period in June/July. This year AMI will be held from 18-29 June, 2007.

Who Should Come

AMI is for middle and senior-level managers of Indian microfinance institutions and consultants/trainers. The training is designed to be high-pressure and to allow participants to return home equipped with new, practical knowledge and tools to apply in their institutions.


The INR 75,000.00 course fee covers all tuition, food and accommodation at the course venue. Participants must cover their own costs of transportation to the venue.

Take Aways

Participants will leave with a wide variety of handouts, PowerPoint presentations, video compact disks and other materials to assist them to apply and disseminate the lessons they learn during the intensive two-week course.


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