What’s New At AMI

  • 23/03/07

Friends of Women World Banking has registered 10 seats at for AMI its staff and staff from partner agencies.

  • 26/03/07

David Cracknell confirms faculty support for AMI.

  • 28/03/07

Brij Mohan, Vijaylakshmi Das, Brahmananda Hedge and Sitaram Rao confirm presence at AMI.

  • 30/03/07

Toolkits on various courses available on MicroSave site.

Online registration form now available.

  • 12/05/07

Plenary Sessions Confirmed to Date

•  “ Capacity Building : Needs and Challenges in India ” – ­ Brij Mohan(Consultant)

•  “Scaling up and Managing Growth” – Sitaram Rao (SKS)

•  “Transforming SHG Federations” – Sudha Kothari (Chaitanya)

•  “Role of Commercial Lenders in Indian Microfinance” ( Moderated by Vijayalakshmi Das (FWWB)) – Brahmanand Hegde (ICICI Bank) and Moumita Sen Sharma (ABN Amro Bank)

•  “Making Equity Investments in Microfinance Institutions” – K.C. Ranjani (DIA/Opportunity Int’l Australia) and Vineet Rai (Aavishkar Goodwell)

•  “Health Insurance: Franchised clinics/HMO-based Model” – Shahnaz Ahmed (Consultant)

•  “The Trade-off Between Sustainability and a Poverty Focus” – Sudha Kothari (Chaitanya) and Sitaram Rao (SKS)

•  “E-Banking: The Next Revolution?” – David Cracknell ( MicroSave )

•  “Start-up MFIs” – Vijayalakshmi Das (FWWB) and Praseeda Kunam(ABN Amro Bank/ MicroSave )

•  “Microfinance for Housing” – Harish Khare (HDFC)

•  “NBFCs in Microfinance” – Sheyrans Kasliwal (KAFL)

•  “Market-led Microfinance” – Graham A.N. Wright ( MicroSave )

•  “Reaching Remote Areas” – Abhijit Sharma (IIBM)

•  “Savings Amongst the Poor” – Sanjeev Kapoor (IIM-L)

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